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Providing career advice and coaching since 2010

Supporting individuals and businesses to make informed talent management decisions; and to position themselves to take up opportunities in the business arena.

Vocational Counselling

A SmartChoice Careers Consultant will guide you through the process of career goal setting. 

Resume and Interview Coaching

Increase your chance of a dream job with a professional resume and honed interview skills.

Overseas Study

Linking you to opportunities for further study and training at home and overseas.


  • Clear pathway and steps to achieve goals
  • Clarity of purpose (brighter vision)
  • Motivation to achieve goals
  • Increased personal insight
  • Increased chances of job search success
  • Increased confidence due to awareness of personal strengths
  • High potential for career fulfilment


  • Business success through timely and cost effective talent acquisition

  • Competitive advantage through highly talented individuals who have the right fit with company vision, mission and culture

  • Increased talent retention


  • Not-for-profit opportunities

  • Looking for volunteers for home and abroad

  • Attracting talent to charities

  • Providing volunteer opportunities for individuals

Career Consultation Services

SmartChoice Careers offers a suite of holistic career consultation services including, talent acquisition, vocational counselling, group and individual resume coaching, job interview skills coaching, professional development workshops, support with your overseas study support application.

The Smart Choice

SmartChoice careers has a unique way of matching your previous work experience, acquired skills and abilities to not only the current job market but also what it would look like for your career for years to come. She showed me that there were various ways to achieve my goals that I could choose from which made me look at my career as a journey with many roads and not a one way street with a dead end job.

An early career decision maker

Thank you to Pamela and her team at SmartChoice Careers for your commitment to helping my son secure an overseas study opportunity. He was unsure of his prospects after not getting the results he needed to get into medicine. The career assessment you took him through really helped him see that there were pathways that would still allow him to pursue his dream career! This gave him hope and purpose again.

Your help is hugely appreciated. 

A parent’s testimonial