About Us

SmartChoice Careers mission is to foster individual and business success through effective talent management

We support individuals and businesses to make informed talent management decisions and to position themselves to take up opportunities in the business arena.

SmartChoice Careers offers a suite of holistic career consultation services including, talent acquisition, vocational counselling, group and individual resume coaching, job interview skills coaching, professional development workshops, support with your overseas study application.

A moment with Pamela

With a distinguished 25-year career in the corporate, community and education sectors focused on human resources, social work and vocational pathways and having the unique opportunity to deliver professional career advice in diverse multicultural settings across Southern Africa and Australia (including membership of the Career Development Association of Australia), Pamela brings forth a unique skills set, knowledge and experience making it possible to deliver a high quality career development services to a diverse range of individuals.

Among others, Pamela’s rich experience has included careers related roles in corporates such as KPMG – Harare, Campbell Page, AMES Australia and currently HealthCare Australia.

She holds a Master in Business Administration (Manchester Business School), Masters in Health, (University of Sydney) Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, (Hons), (University of Zimbabwe, Post graduate certificate in Career Development, (RMIT University).

Pamela has a strong belief in community life and enjoys making priceless, life changing connections through volunteering. LifeLine – Australia, Crossway Lifecare and Harare Children’s Home being the main charities she has served.

In her upcoming stimulating publication; – THE CAREER HANDBOOK, Pamela demystifies early career decisions. If you are undergoing career transition and wanting to chat your way forward, take your first step by reading this exceptionally helpful Handbook!

Our Beliefs

  • Every human being has special talents, unique to that person.
  • Every human being should have the opportunity to express their talents.

Our Value

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Community connectedness
  • Client focus
  • Person Centered approach
  • Collaborative networks

Who We Help

  • School leavers
  • High School student
  • University graduates
  • Career changers
  • Job seekers