Vocational Counselling

A SmartChoice Careers Consultant will guide you through the process of goal setting. The career consultant can help you identify the competency steps needed to reach your career goals along the way as you explore new career options or make changes in the career you already have.

Identifying Choices in Careers

SmartChoice Careers offers one-on-one comprehensive Person Centred Vocational Consultation services to individuals who may be experiencing a range of career challenges, including:

  • Starting a career
  • Changing your career
  • Exploring further study options
  • Seeking to return to the work force following redundancy

Assessment to Determine your Transferrable Skills

Transferrable skills are a crucial aspect of your career planning, whether you are a school leaver, a parent returning to the workforce or seeking to change careers.

Exploration of Opportunities for Further Study

A supportive Career Consultant can help you by pointing you to training resources which are available in your community or overseas.

Assessment to Determine your Work Values

Knowing which work values are most important to you will help you make decisions about what jobs or career paths might suit you best.

Facilitate informed Career Decision Making

We provide career information resources to ensure realistic, informed, smart career choices.

Job Interview Coaching

At SmartChoice Careers we believe that our clients are talented individuals who have invested time, effort and financial resources in getting qualified and they deserve the best job offers on the market.

Mock interview

Practising interview skills provides a confidence building opportunity for our clients as they prepare for the real interview. We provide feedback in a safe and supportive environment.

Resume Coaching

At SmartChoice Careers our business is talent nurturing. We are committed to your success. We support you to market your talent by offering Resume Coaching to individual clients and through our SmartResume Workshops our clients increase their chances of gaining employment in a competitive job market.

Overseas Study

At SmartChoice Careers we are passionate about linking our clients to opportunities for further study and training at home and overseas. We can help you with:

  • Enroll in tertiary education and training institutions
  • Apply for student visas
  • Exploring further study options
  • Settle in the country of their study by maintaining communication

International Partnerships-Overseas study

SmartChoice Vocational Education Services utilises international partnerships supporting individuals to access educational and training opportunities.

Foot in the door

Study Pathways can provide the ‘foot in the door’ to the achievement of their career dreams.